Light conquers Darkness! • Online Course

The follow-up course to CHOOSE LIFE, is LIGHT CONQUERS DARKNESS.

The INNER HEALING COURSE, CHOOSE LIFE, helped you to rise in Jesus Christ and you will quickly discover that the works of the enemy are a reality when opposing you in BECOMING LIGHT AND SHINING YOUR LIGHT IN HIS PEOPLE’S LIVES SO THAT DARKNESS FLEES.

This hefty course consists of two parts, firstly so that you will rise in your life’s purpose and everything that aims at preventing you shall not prosper, because you were created to SHINE HIS LIGHT. This will help you to rise to your full potential in which God created within you; that you will understand why you must protect your heart more than ever, because from there your life originates. And secondly, to bring that which is in darkness to light – Jesus came to break the works of the enemy.

Here you will be instructed to serve people at a deeper level someday, or just allow The Holy Spirit to minister you at a deeper level:

  • You will be taught what the purpose of a counsellor is.
  • What baptism is about, and who may baptise?
  • The greatness of Communion
  • What should happen when The Holy Spirit is at work during counselling?
  • Pastoral counselling
  • How do you help somebody find their purpose?
  • The difference between repentance and rebirth
  • You teach others how to handle and solve everyday problems in the self-knowledge circle
  • Marriage
  • What is the influence of DID (Dissociation Identity Dysfunction) on some people? 
  • How is addiction handled in pastoral therapy?
  • Apply deathbed counselling


The second section of this course:

  • CONTROVERSY — FALSE DOCTRINE IN CHURCHES and in general. Learn more about their allegations, but also the denial thereof through the Word of God, which leads to liberation.
  • The New and Old Apostolic Church
  • Roman Catholics 
  • The Seventh Day Adventists
  • Jehovah Witnesses
  • The Jesus Only Order
  • Spiritualism
  • Freemasonry
  • Religious "-isms": Mormonism, Theosophism, Humanism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Unitarism, Atheism
  • The Occult
  • Satanism
  • New Age
  • When does counselling become liberation and why does liberation not take place?
  • Housecleaning
  • A closer look is taken at the influence of darkness in certain cultures
The complete pastoral therapy COUNSELLING information book is written by me as a result of many years in the practice of COUNSELLING. Where there is a big gap of knowledge in the body of Christ, there you will know that you can serve others with the truth; not because I am the truth, but because I HAVE COME TO KNOW THE TRUTH, AND HE WHO IS THE WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE has taught me to send away so many who have been liberated in Jesus’s Name, so that they can lead new lives glorifying God.

The cost of this course is R1 500 (textbook and a copy of the book BEAUTY FOR ASHES included);  because it is  presented as a course, you can have your assignments checked for a further R100 per assignment as Pastor Santie Bothma leads you further herein.

This material also has copyrights and we ask that you respect it.

Be still before The Lord and wait for His confirmation as to become a part of His hands and feet, touching and leading others closer to God.

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