Dr. Leonie Pretorius

Light conquers Darkness! • Online Course


The inner healing course Choose Life helped you to stand up in Jesus Christ, and soon you will realize the works of the enemy are a reality to oppose you to becoming light and letting His light shine in people's lives so that the darkness will flee.

This course will help you rise to the potential that God created you for; you will understand why you must guard your heart more than anything else because it is your life's origin. This voluminous course's name is twofold in the first place, so that you will stand up for your life's purpose and that everything that wants to prevent you will no longer succeed because you are created to shine His light. Secondly, to bring what is going on in the darkness to light – Jesus came to break the works of the enemy.

You will be trained to serve people on a deeper level or allow the Holy Spirit to help you more deeply.


  • What is a counsellor's purpose?
  • What is baptism about, and who may be baptized?
  • The greatness of Communion.
  • What should happen in counselling where the Holy Spirit works.
  • Pastoral ministry.
  • How do you help someone come to their purpose?
  • The difference between repentance and rebirth.
  • In the self-knowledge circle, you teach people how to deal with and solve problems.
  • The marriage.
  • What is Dissociative Identity Disorder's influence on some people?
  • How is addiction dealt with in pastoral therapy?
  • Apply death guidance.


  • Polemics and heresies in the church (assertions and refutations).
  • The New and Old Apostolic church.
  • The Roman Catholics.
  • The Seventh Day Adventists.
  • The Jehovah Witnesses.
  • The One Name Doctrine.
  • Spiritualism.
  • Freemasonry.
  • Religious -isms: Mormonism, Theosophism, Humanism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Unitarianism, Atheism.
  • The Occult.
  • Satanism.
  • New Age.
  • When does counselling become deliverance?
  • Why does deliverance sometimes not take place?
  • Spiritual house cleaning.
  • The darkness in certain cultures.

Dr Leonie Pretorius wrote this pastoral therapy book in and out of the practice of years of counselling. Where there is such a significant gap of knowledge in the body of Christ, you can serve people in the truth, not because Dr Leonie is the truth, but because she came to know the Truth, and He who is the Way, Truth, and Life taught her to minister many towards freedom in Jesus Name to live a new life that glorifies God.

Cost: R1 500 (Manual, the book Beauty for Ashes, study material and the shipping fee included).

Because this is a course, you can have your assignments evaluated for an amount of R100 per assignment, as pastor Santie Bothma will give you further guidance with this.
Get quiet before The Lord and wait for His conviction to become part of His hands and feet that touch people and lead them closer to God.

Contact Pastor Santie Bothma on 083 792 0322 for any enquiries.

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