Choose Life • Online Course

After many years of experience in PASTORAL THERAPY and training, I realized that there is a great need to restore people fully in their humanity, as The Father God’s heart is towards us as humans.

We are truly in times of abundance where we as Children of God should experience it like no other generation had ever experienced – we have so much authority and power in The Holy Spirit through which we truly can expand God’s kingdom and destroy the works of the enemy, but we have fallen into a pit of a lack of knowledge.

How can we reach greatness if our hearts remain broken, we fall apart with anxiety and fear and we bend under the pressure of depression? You will agree with me – we struggle with all these things just to survive, never mind enjoying a life of ABUNDANCE; THAT ALL WILL BE WELL IN MY BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT.

After so many testimonies from my consulting rooms and as a speaker at conferences, I now will give you the opportunity to give yourself attention in order to be freed, WHERE EVER YOU ARE AND IN YOUR OWN TIME, and be able to free others in TRUTH. 

You can complete this course online, it consists of 5 modules based on the book, CHOOSE LIFE:

  • Learn about how much God loves you and know that you can love Him according to His love which is your PROTECTION AND ABUNDANCE.
  • Learn from the truth of God that the enemy has been conquered and what your position is in Christ if attacks do threaten. We do not realize what our authority is in Jesus Christ and through which power in the Spirit of God we can destroy the enemy’s works – your words will change from “I am attacked” to “I am more than a CONQUEROR IN CHRIST JESUS.”
  • Learn how to conquer fears in your life which goes hand in hand with anxiety and stress and rise in your calling and purpose in life.
  • Learn how your wounds of rejection are healed so that you never have to flinch in pain and sensitivity and become a healthy person who can make a difference in a broken world.
  • Learn how to get out of the hole of depression and be filled with Light so that you can always conquer darkness with the power of the joy of God in you!
Register online if you would like to change your life. You will find, after completing the course that you are able to encourage others with correct and safe answers, and not just help yourself, but others who truly need this.


Complete the online form below and send proof of payment to to ensure your entry.

For a further R100 per assignment you can, if you feel the need, have your assignment assessed by a facilitator, just to ensure that you understand what it is about and will be able apply it.

Contact Pastor Santie Bothma (Huis van Lewende Waters Middelburg) at 083 792 0322 for further information.

Should you meet the requirements of HOSANNA and you yearn to help people in the ministry, then you will be introduced as a counselor on the website. I find that no matter where I minister in the land, the need for hands and feet to help is indescribably great.



Remember to send your proof of payment to Santie at to ensure successful registration.