Dr. Leonie Pretorius

Choose Life • Online Course


After years of experience in pastoral therapy and training, Dr Leonie realized there is a great need to restore people to their full potential as Father God's heart is for us.

We are genuinely in times of abundance where we, as children of God, should experience the likes of which no generation has yet experienced. We have so much authority and power in the Holy Spirit that we can expand God's kingdom and destroy the enemy's works, but we have fallen into a pit because of a lack of knowledge.

How will we get to the bigger things if our hearts remain broken, we fall apart with anxiety and fears, and we are weighed down by so much depression? You will agree with me – we struggle with these things just to survive, let alone enjoy a life of abundance; that I will be fine in my body, soul and spirit.

Deuteronomy 30:19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live …

After so many testimonies from her consulting room and as a conference speaker, Dr Leonie now gives you the opportunity wherever you are and on your own time to start paying attention to yourself to taste freedom and set others free in the TRUTH.

This course consists of the following five modules:

  1. Learn how much God loves you, and know you can love Him out of His love, which is your protection and abundance.
  2. Learn how to overcome fears that accompany anxiety and stress and rise in your calling and purpose in life.
  3. Learn how to heal your wounds of rejection so that you never have to shrink back from hurt and sensitivity again and become a healthy person who can make a difference in this broken world.
  4. Learn how to get out of the pit of depression and be filled with God's light so that you will always be able to overcome the darkness with the power of God's joy in you!
  5. Learn from God's truth that the enemy is defeated and your position in Christ when the attacks come. We do not realize our authority in Jesus Christ and in what power of God's Spirit we can destroy the enemy's works. Your words will change from "I am attacked" to "I am more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ."

Do you want to change your life? Sign up for this course! After completing the course, you will see that you can always encourage people with the correct answers and thus help yourself and others who need it.

Cost: R1 000 (manual and shipping included).

Complete the online application form below and send proof of payment to santieb@vodamail.co.za to secure your application.

For a further R100 per workpiece, if you feel the need, you can have your workpieces evaluated by a facilitator to ensure you understand everything and can apply it.

Contact Pastor Santie Bothma on 083 792 0322 for further enquiries.

If you meet Hosanna's requirements and desire to help people in the ministry, you will be introduced as a counsellor on Hosanna's platform and can become part of the team.

May you be guided by your heart and the Holy Spirit, who will convince you.

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Terms and conditions

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  2. Entries are only valid if the course fee has been paid.
  3. Account Name: Hosanna, Bank: Absa Savings Account, Account Number: 926 048 3960, Branch Code: 632 005
  4. Please use your first and last name as a reference and send your proof of payment by email to santieb@vodamail.co.za.
  5. Your manual will be shipped within 2 working days of receipt of your proof of payment.
  6. No fees are refundable once the shipment has taken place.
  7. You are welcome to complete the course on your own time. Pastor Santie Bothma will guide you through the process and assist you continuously.